About us

Homosapiensonline.com was founded in 2007 to assist fellow students in their native countries in applying for international scholarships and financial aid.

Our goal is to assist students with their college applications and financial aid.

Why should you use homosapiensonline.com?

Anyone can find attending college or university to be extremely difficult and costly. International students must also secure a student visa in order to study abroad, and this paperwork can be daunting.

Homosapiensonline.com provides free advice to students and parents on how to quickly manage potential hurdles to attending their preferred institution or university.

We offer free tools, such as scholarships and private money, to assist students in gaining entrance to the best colleges and universities.

Many individuals seeking admission find the college application process to be a difficult and confusing hurdle. We take pride in assisting students and their parents with the school application process.

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Scholarships are available and applications are accepted
  • Application to colleges and universities
  • Procedure for obtaining a visa (including student, work visa, EB-5 visa)
  • The ability to communicate in English